Why You Should Always Vote During Every Election

So many different people had so many different opinions on the results of the 2016 US presidential election. Some claimed that president Donald Trump was a mere Russian puppet and that his entire office is corrupt.

Others praised him with epic titles such as ‘God Emperor’ and enjoyed his many reforms. But there was one major problem that both sides seemed to overlook.

Namely, not everyone who could vote did. The election had a very flimsy 56% voter turnout. That effectively meant that only a quarter of the country was voting for their preferred candidate while the majority of people did nothing. Yet everyone seemed to have strong opinions on the results.

The inevitable question remains — should we vote even if it seems that our vote doesn’t matter?

We will argue that voters should definitely make their voices heard, even in the darkest of times. Or rather, times some may deem darkest. With that in mind, here is a handy list of reasons why an Average Joe should cast their vote.

1 – Proactivity

Nothing feels better than being proactive about something we strongly believe in. Every country has problems that affect its citizens. If we take the United States alone, there are issues with illegal immigration, failing levels of education, drug trafficking, gun violence, etc.

If a voter feels strongly about any of these issues, they need to do their part to stop, or at the very least mitigate them. A vote isn’t a complicated action to perform, but it does make a difference.

2 – The Right Side of History

Many people will talk about the rights of women to vote but fail to realize that less than 250 years ago only the rich had the luxury of voting, both male and female. Modern democracy has given that right to everyone, to every free man or woman in secular countries.

It’s a right earned by blood, and bullet and it remains a cornerstone of modern Western civilization. If we do not exercise that right, we risk losing everything that that very right has brought us.

3 – Yes, Every Vote Counts

Sadly, most people, both young and old, feel disillusioned by negative voting results. A spectacular South Park episode called “Douche and Turd” even gave this problem the best possible treatment where Stan’s vote mattered nothing in the long run. But the thing is, voting in large numbers does get results, more often than people realize.

One such example is the Brexit vote in the UK, also from 2016. An overwhelming 76% of the country went to the ballot boxes to decide whether the UK should stay in the European Union or not. The ‘Leave’ vote ultimately won with a 4% difference.

However, it was probably the best display of modern democracy as it should be. Because of the turnout, we can be reasonably sure that the majority of the UK wants to leave the EU and the majority of voters feels represented.

The takeaway message is simple. Wherever our reader may live, we highly encourage them to vote. It might seem unfair or stacked against them, but every little counts. Every voice should be heard, and only then can we get the government that resembles the will of the people clearly.